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afraid of change, afraid of staying the same

Why is the path unclear? When we know home is near?

old at being young, young at being old
16 December 1982
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Who am I? I'm just a girl trying to figure out my path in life and hope I don't screw up too much along the way. I'm a Unitarian Universalist which is steadily becoming a part of who identify myself as. I am a scifi junkie, but also love dark crime mysteries. My drug of choice is fandom-y things and writing fan fiction, preferably about characters that we don't necessarily learn everything about on screen. My first fandom love (obsession) is Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Goren & Eames, but recently my head has been turned by Battlestar Galactica...which is probably the best show produced on TV in the last ten years, IMO.

So here you will see a mix of fandom, me whining when I'm having a bad day or that insistent negative head!voice reminds me relentlessly of all my short comings and insecurities, talk about God and faith and Unitarianism and universalism, and maybe random things too like my unwavering love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.